Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy time, Happy place, Give thanks to Allah

I'm in a happy place right now, well for the last a couple hours actually. But then I realize that just like the tough times, not really though. But it's hard to do from my point of view - this feeling will probably pass at some point. One of the truths that I learned during some very dark days is that "I won't always feel the way I do today." You know? it's just so different I know that I can feel it again like in 5 days to go but I'm surely know that it would be different in every single week.

Summer has been unexepectedly boring with a much relaxed schedule and doing all the homework thingy. I've loved the carefree pace and enjoy the effortless fun in my parents, well not all the time.

I'm thankful for the peace and joy and time to treasure good things and above all it's ramadhan mubarak, the month of blessing, month of forgiveness, month of mercy may Allah bless us. I've been work all the things out, hopefully all the things that I've done come out that I get His blessing.

But change is on the horizon. College begins in four weeks. I will have a new assignment routine and change always takes some adjustment time. Like a really big adjustment time.

Do you take time to enjoy when things are going well? Sometimes I pre-stress about upcoming events which I don't need to take on yet. Let's remember the good! Can you name something that makes you smile today?

Remember always be happy cause Allah is always by you side.

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