Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I Was Just Caught Up In the Moment

College year, is like the beginning of the end, but underneath it I am actually changing. With so many things changing, something was still the same. Once again I was blogging or whining about my whose, but there was something that I don't want to admit, and yet, desperate to share. It had nothing to do with forgetting my friend or them forgetting me. It was something forgotten one summer night. A momentary mistake that I had filed under denial, a secret that could change everything. The moment when you know that you shouldn't had to do it, but in fact you really did that mistake. It wasn't easy for me that hit a little closer to my personal life, but I was finally ready to dig deeper.

The truth is, I was the one debating a fear of life and death. And I was the one wondering if it should be my choice, cause I didn't know what I would choose. I was just caught up in a moment, and realize I made that mistake again.

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