Saturday, April 21, 2012

This's what I wanted to write

Wow, this feeling of having blog is really fun since I never post anything for past 2 years. I really don't know what to say.

Okay.... I'm not really sure about getting this blog, I know since the first there's no reason why I'm making this whole thing. Technically I've done it when I was in junior high school but I kinda confused back then. So, I could never imagine to run one either from that time. I actually don't like making a diary, talking to my bff for something that I did in the past. I'm just not that kind of people. I know that I've got no readers at all, but I don't really mind.
I'm doing this for myself, since I know that I wanted to write somewhere and I ain't get a money to buy a notebook or something, you know? I wanted to write down some of my weird thoughts, ideas that will help me or someone out there in some way. Kind of weird like I said, but I know I should give it a try, don't you think?

Well, you know that I'm weird, don't you?
There's no one know about my life, even my mum or my dad. Just me and God who know. And I'm afraid if someone know my secret, no one would wanted to be my friend anymore. Thank God, you'll always be my guard in everything in every single ways. 

Now I'm growing up, and in a five months to go I'll go to a college. Be autonomous, leaving my mum my dad my lil brother and my sweet home. I have a thoughtful decision to make to change my life in the future such as :

I have to learn how to be true moslem.
I have to learn how to life without my parents.
I have to learn how to save money.
I have to learn how to get in touch with a new peeps out there.
I get to study hard.

As you guys see, that my blog is likely to be incredibely varied and mood dependent. My blog will hopefully be of interest to anyone else who interested in : film, literature, islamic etc.

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